Wireless,Lithium Batteries,Brushless Motor,Magnesium Alloy Trucks (Lead Acid Batteries Available)
Short distance(3m`10m)wireless Control System Without same freguency or radio signal interruption.Our brushless motor allows you to have reverse funtion
Design for two to five years life Cycle.
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¡ô Lighter£ºAll boards are about half weight of the old type Lead Acid Battery Boards
¡ô More Power£º:Brushless Motor have more torgue than regular Brush Motor does.
¡ô Longer Range£ºLithium Battery is just much better than Lead Acid Battery from all angles.
¡ô Guarantee Policy£ºWe offer 6 months guarantee policy
¡ô Battery Switchable£ºLead Acid Battery and Lithium Battery swithable so that customers can upgrade from Lead Acid
¡¡ Battery to Lithium.
¡ô Ern Motor,Axle Gear Drive without Belt or Chain for EZ-800W
¡ô More efficient,Longer product life,
¡ô Excellent for Beginner without Experience,easy to ride.
¡ô Oval Remote Hand Controller or Gun Shape Remote Hand Controller at your Choice

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¡ó Fax£º(281)565-1928
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¡ó Website£ºwww.EZ-skaters.com(China factory)
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NanChang District, Wuxi City, JiangSu Province
P.R. China
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